Steve Weller

A completely modern Hedda Gabler. Beautifully staged. With wonderfully nuanced performances. If Hedda Gabler was alive today, she would be the worst type of social media "influencer".

Karin Dubois

Como experience a new way of doing theatre in Vancouver! Come to see the classic Hedda Gabler in a modernized way - with an intimate audience of 30 wrapping around the catwalk stage!!

Hege Bolthof Hoegler

Tonight I went to see a modern version of the play  "Hedda Gabler", by Henrik Ibsen. True Pulse Production has given the play an interesting stage in the form of a red carpeted catwalk. They have created a realistic 2019 version of the play from 1890, and I really enjoyed the simplicity and how they still were able to keep true to the original. The second act was a little long, but it all came together in the 3rd and 4th act. It plays until mid December.

Ragini Kapil

Am innovative and ambitious effort by Emilio Merritt and Jeff Wyndham two dedicated and talented dramatist. It bodes well for opportunities for newcomers to develop their own experimental theatre and showcase the capabilities of our local acting talent. Kudos  to you all for your hard work!

Theatre, Live Event, Outstanding Acting and a Masterpiece by Henrik Ibsen. What a better way to spend Friday night.

Hedda Gabler

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